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Product details Android 4.2 Modeo Player Comes with Android 4.2, which compatible to Most of the smartphone based Miracast, and Smartphone base application.
Miracast Support
Modeo Player Has been well known at Malaysia market for its first emerging into Android base(2.1). 
Start from Then it has bring alot of Android base Player from single Core to Quard Core. First 3D Gyro mouse
As you know, market existing Player has been poor user experience due to the non user friendly keyboard and remote control.Think of that we are now more used to hand switch from one side to the other, How can you possibly stand for a remote needing you to keep pressing left button/right button from one side to the other? 
Yes, it's what market Android Base player.Modeo Player came with a air mouse not only support a mouse function(Experience) wireless but also a 
Voice input to activate searching without needing you to key in.
Online StreamingModeo 
Android Player support most of the "Free" Online Streaming Video Application, which help you to watch movie, HK Series, Us Series and all movie over the other country.
Camera Built InCamera is built into this Player. 
We believe that android application becomes richer nowadays.
Hard ware should keep abreast with itimagine 
that you can use Skype on your 40inch wide screen, you need a webcamera. We have a Built in IP Camera Application which you can download to your Smartphone. 
Activate your Player with it, you can now guides your home safely by using the Application and the built in camera.
One Year Local Warranty