Brand: AVF
Product Code: AWMH-05
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~ Ideal for any portable devices 

~ Easy to install and release on vehicle's windshield

~ Adjustable grip arm to hold the
devices precisely

~ Durable mount frame and compact size

~ High quality suction pad design

~ Anti-slip/scratch

~ Easy to install and remove

~ Super adsorption capacity and stability

~ Reach your desired viewing angle easily

~ Fashionable design, attractive appearance


~ Step 1: Find a safe location on the interior of the vehicle's windshield to
mount the suction cup mount. Make sure the windshield is clean & dry. 
Firmly push the suction cup base against the windshield and lock the
lever toward the suction cup to the locked position. 

~ Step 2: Adjust the angle of the pedestal arm by loosening & tightening the adjustment knob to the desired angle. 

~ To Renew: Use warm water with mild soap to remove dirt and dust.
Let air dry completely before using.
In cold weather, allow your vehicle to warm up prior to use.