Brand: D-Link
Product Code: DES-1008A
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D-Link's DES-1008A is a powerful 8 port 10/100Mbps desktop switch that is an ideal choice for small workgroups. 

The DES-1008A allows users to simply plug any port to either a 10Mbps Ethernet or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet network for compatibility, convenience, and faster connection. The switch comes in a small compact size designed for easy installation and high performance. The DES-1008A eliminates unnecessary traffic and relieves data congestion by delivering dedicated bandwidth for each of the eight ports. 

Each port on the DES-1008A supports automatic MDI/MDIX detection providing true 'plug and play' capability without the need for confusing crossover cables or crossover ports. With the media auto-sensing feature, plug in the network cable to the DES-1008A directly without the need to worry if the end node is a NIC (Network Interface Card) or switch/hub. The DES-1008A also supports flow control and auto-negotiation of half or full duplex transfer modes for each port. 

The DES-1008A provides dynamic memory allocation for data flow control to guarantee against possible packet loss. The DES-1008A uses fast store-and-forward switching to ensure low data latency and prevents error packages from transmitting among segments.