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Avira AntiVirus Premium Features

As life develops in more electronic guidelines, great PC anti-virus becomes only one part of your overall protection. The newest edition of our top quality anti-virus now provides more methods to be protected, such as web anti-tracking and cellular protection.

Avoiding PC germs is just one element of remaining safe online. By simply selecting top quality anti-virus like free license key of Avira AntiVir Premium, you will be ready to secure your smart phone against loss and robbery, prevent out malware and companies who follow you on the web, access social networks parent manages. And that is only the starting.

  • Real-Time Protection: Watches unlimited for germs, germs, Trojan’s and more
  • AntiAd/Spyware: Closes out on the internet agents and frustrating adware
  • newProtection Cloud: Ultrafast checking and immediate on the internet recognition of new malware
  • newNetwork Drives: Viruses checking for shared folders
  • Rootkit Protection: Barriers invisible malware that conventional anti-virus doesn’t find
  • ProActive: Prevents invisible risks by monitoring their behavior
  • AHeAD Technology: Examines different code for dubious signs
  • Browser Monitoring Blocker: Prevents web trackers from producing your activities
  • newWebsite Protection Advisor: Prices the protection of all websites in your look for results
  • Advanced Web Protection: Intercepts harmful websites before they load
  • AntiDrive-by: Prevents undesirable application downloading while you surf
  • Mail Protection: Keeps contaminated e-mails at a secure range from your inbox